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August 24, 1974: Billy Bruner, a foreman at Highsplint, shot Brookside striker Lawrence Jones. He died two days later.

August 29, 1974: Agreement reached 

May 22, 1975: Bruner acquitted of murder.


323 million years ago

All the mined coal in Kentucky is bituminous. 


The original peat deposits or layers that later became coal were laid down with other sediments during the Pennsylvanian Period (sometimes called the Coal Age). The Pennsylvanian Period started about 323 million years ago, ended about 290 million years ago, and lasted about 33 million years. If you want to learn more about life in the Pennsylvanian peat swamps, see the Pennsylvanian fossil page.

Great Heart Coal Peabody Coal Company Black Mountain Corporation Kenvir Kentucky The First One Hundred Years Commemorative token. Limited edition reproduction of $1 Scrip, struck by the Providence Mint for Peabody Coal to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of its founding in 1883. The heart shaped cut-out symbolized Peabody's Great Heart Coal brand produced by Mines 30 and 31. This exceptionally fine grade of coal was chosen by Admiral Richard Byrd for one of his major expeditions to the South Pole in 1939.Company issued scrip was used instead of money in isolated areas where travel was extremely difficult. The scrip could be exchanged at the company store for food, clothing, and supplies.Excellent condition. See description above. Will be shipped by priority mail.






The Byrd expedition, scheduled for 1939-42 was interrupted by the war and Byrd returned leaving his coal behind. Some of it’s still there!


just in time for the Eastern Kentucky depression that is ongoing today.




never collected stamps but cannot understand why one would want unused stamps. Those could have been purchased in any post office, but stamps with a postmark have a history. Smooth worn scrip is like that, years of back and forth from the mine to the store, over and over. Every day when you had enough hours in to ask for scrip, every day you can get a dime and bring home some potatoes for supper.

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