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Harlan County Coal Scrip Collection

One hundred and six company stores operated in Harlan County at one time or another.

Fifty-five communities had one or more. In the town of Harlan there were nine and in Evarts another eleven.


Ages Ages Supply Company; East Harlan Coal Co.

Alva Black Star Coal Co.; Wallins Creek/Black Star Mine

Banner Fork Fordson Coal Co.

Bardo Bardo Coal Mining Co.; Bowling Coal Mining Co.

Benito Benito Supply Co.

Black Joe Harlan-Fox 

Bland R. C. Tway Coal Co.

Brookside Harlan Collieries Co.

Cawood Crummies Creek Coal Co.; Ellis Knob Coal Co.

Chevrolet Blue Diamond Coal Co.; Crown Coal Co.; Harlan Superior Coal Co.

Closplint Clover Splint Coal Co.

Coalgood Mary Helen Coal Corp.; Pure D. Coal Co.

Cote River Ridge Collieries Inc.

Coxton Chestnut Ridge Supply Co.; Koppers Stores, Inc.; Lick Branch Coal Co.

Crummies Crummies Creek Coal Co.

Cuffey Standard Harlan Coal Co.

Draper East Harlan Coal Co.; Draper Mercantile (Store for J.L. Smith Coal Co.)

Elcomb The McComb Coal Co.

Evarts Darby Coal Co.; Evarts Coal Co.; Harcrow Mines Inc.; Harlan Co-operative Coal Co.; Harlan-Kellioka Coal Co.; Harlan Liberty Coal Co.; Springton Coal Co.; Superior Harlan Coal Co.;  Sugar Camp Mining Co.; Turner Fuel Co.; Yocum Creek Coal Co.

Gaston Harlan Gas Coal Co.

Grays Knob Wilson-Berger Coal Co.

Harlan Catrons Creek Coal Co; Clover Creek Coal Co.;Elcomb Coal Co.; Harlan Home Coal Co.; Howard Coal Co.; S.C. Saylor Coal Co.; Shawnee Gas Coal Co.; R.C. Tway Coal Co.; Wallins Creek, Comet Mine

High Splint High Splint Coal Co.; Seagraves Coal Co.

Insull Southern Mining Co.

Kellioka Kellioka Coal Co.

Kentenia Banner Fork Coal Co.; Kentucky King Coal Co.

Kenvir Black Mountain Corp.

Kildav King-Harlan Coal Co.

Kitts Clover Fork Coal Co.; Golden Ash Coal Co.; Rex Coal Co.

Le Junior Benito Mining Company; Berger Coal Mining Co.; Bowling Mine Co.; Cook and Sharp Coal Co;  Dixie Darby Coal Co.; Home Supply Co.; 

Len Rue Lenarue Coal Co;

Lick Branch Three Point Coal Co.; 

Liggett Perkins Harlan Coal Co.

Lisbon Kentucky King Coal Co.

Lisle Kentucky King Coal Co.

Louellen Cornet-Lewis Coal Co.

Lowe Creech Coal Co.

Malcolmson Green Silvers Coal Corp.; Harlan Gas Coal Co.

Mary Alice Mary Alice Supply Co.

Molus Molus Coal Co.; Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp.

Nolansburg Harlan Splint Coal Co.; Kellioka Coal Co.

Path Fork Blue Diamond Coal Co.; Willis Harlan Coal Co.

Pee Vee C.E. Flannery Store; Looney Creek Coal Co.

Putney Inter Mountain Coal and Lumber Co.

Ridgeway Harlan Coal and Coke Co.; Harlan Ridgeway Mining Co.; Ridgeway Coal Corp.

Rue Southern-Harlan Coal Co.

Stanfill Mahan-Ellison Coal Corp.

Three Point Three Point Coal Corp.

Totz Harlan Ashless Coal Co.; Harlan Central Coal Co.; Harlan-Cumberland Coal Mining Co.

Twila Creech Coal Co.

Verda W.D.B.T. and Company, Bear Branch Mine; William D. Boyer and Co.; Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp; 

Sunshine Grocery Company; Verda Supply Co.

Wallins The Good Coal Co.; Utilities Coal Corp.; Wallins Creek Coal Co.; Wallins Creek Collieries Co. 

White Star White Star Coal Co.

Wilkes Harlan Block Coal Co.

Yancey Harlan Fuel Co.; Yancey Store

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